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How to Build the Best Calculated League of Legends Builds

Want to Build the Best Calculated League of Legends Builds? Here is how you gonna do that.

You can do that with Item OP in other words, LoL Item Optimizer (You need Adobe Flash Player to use it) when you visit the link you gonna need to allow the browser to use Adobe Flash Player and if you are a user of an AdBlock extension please disable it on this site this guy really deserve to earn money from ads for the work he does for the site.

So how does this thing work? The site owner InvertedComposer says “Item Optimizer uses a complex algorithm to calculate the best League of Legends Champion builds.” so now you have a good idea about it lets get started.

LoL Item Optimizer

So this is how it looks like you need to press on Live Game Search and keep in mind you can use this when you are in the game only like at the beginning of the match and then you choose the region then type in your name then press CONFIRM.

Live Game Search in LoL Item Optimizer

and just like that you gonna get your calculated build and you can enjoy your game.

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